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Promoting Positive Oral Behaviors Through Innovative Global Oral Health Solutions

Improve your oral health by taking the work out of remembering to brush and floss with the interactive features of Text2Floss.

The premier oral health management app in the App Store, Text2Floss is an innovative tool that helps adults achieve better dental checkups, and is perfect for children and teens to help them develop good oral hygiene habits.

Interactive App Features

Text2Floss sends you text message reminders encouraging healthy oral habits. As you text back replies, you can track and view your oral health care progress using the My Text2Floss Flossing Report—a useful tool for improving the health of your teeth and gums between dental visits.

You can also receive notifications about important dental-related issues such as remembering to take premedication prior to a dental appointment and reducing stress. Check out the flossing timer to listen to music while taking care of your mouth and building better oral habits.

Now available in English, German, Spanish and Arabic.

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Great for Kids & Teens

Download the app for your child or teen for a fun way to work on developing good oral hygiene routines. Watch featured videos for tips on how to brush and floss under Oral Health, and save and access their favorite oral health products under My Dental Team.

Scheduling Dental Checkups

Need to schedule a checkup? Easily locate dental clinics near you with the GPS-enabled Find A Clinic locator, and use the clinic’s displayed contact information to call or email to schedule an appointment straight from your iPhone.

If you already have a dental provider you can store and access the provider’s contact information under the My Dental Team feature within the app.

Oral Health

Educate yourself about how your overall health is directly affected by your oral hygiene. Text2Floss teaches you how your oral hygiene habits are related to your heart health, mental health and chronic disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure and TMJ.

Learn oral health quick tips and find links to industry-leading educational resources.

Your Medical

Securely keep and access your medical information for easy reference when filling out medical forms at a dental clinic or doctor’s office.

Text2Floss makes it easy to remember important information about your oral health history in the pin-protected My Medical History feature of the app.

your #1 oral health resource

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Text2Floss Reminders

Once you have downloaded the app, experience the power of regular reminders sent directly to your phone to help improve your dental health. Select one of 10 different categories designed to best suit your specific dental needs.

Choose from:
Under 18, Ages 18-65, Over 65, Mother with Children, Mother with Children Spanish, Cancer and Oral Health, Mother with Infant, Expectant Mother, Acid Reflux and Oral Health, or Sleep Apnea and Oral Health. 

Change your category anytime as your dental needs change.

About the Text2Floss Program

Text2Floss is building the public’s awareness of dental health’s role as the gateway to overall, whole-body health and wellness. Text2Floss provides oral health messages, tips, and reminders to help patients manage their oral health. Preventive oral health practices are reinforced including the importance of daily flossing. 

The comprehensive Text2Floss oral health application has a wide-ranging impact for dentists, hygienists, the individual consumer and the entire industry advocating oral health including oral pH. Intervention can raise a participant’s dental IQ and compel them to better comply with the oral health provider’s advice, seek preventive services and practice good oral home care.

The implications are far-reaching, from pediatrics to geriatrics and from mental health to overall wellness.

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